Waiting For Snow 2

by Waiting For Snow

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'Waiting For Snow' is a festive-themed compilation of home-recordings by a group of artists from the Midlands.

Spreading the word is actively encouraged, as is checking out everyone's 'normal' stuff.


released December 11, 2013


Rob George is a Derby based musician and producer. His style varies but mainly involves piano, drums, vocal harmonies and a tiny guitar that he outgrew years ago but still can't play.

Mascot Fight is Matt, Rich, Sean and Tom. They play slightly off-kilter indie-pop. Hear the new album 'Abscond and Hey Presto!' on Spotify now (open.spotify.com/album/7DCnJKNVf2hpoK2DZ3qIbe) or download from mascotfight.bandcamp.com

Lonely Robot is the alias of singer/songwriter James Stewart. He likes to make folky/emo songs about hope, home and nostalgia. He is neither lonely, nor a robot.

Despite lacking the equipment and skills, Crabb has a bloody good try at electronic music with the help of an untuneable nylon guitar, a fire-damaged casiotone MT-68, and lots and lots of illegal plug-ins.

Vom Vorton has christmas running through his veins. Christmas, and brandy.

Ex-Cats:for:peru singer Adam Follett surpasses last year’s semi-cheery number and goes full-on bleak in this year’s tale of White Christmas and Black Ice.

Counting Till Sunrise are an Alternative Folk Rock Trio from Nottingham/Derby. Their sound is best described as a unique blend of folky rhythm, enticing melodies and intricate riffs.

Scribble Victory is a solo musical venture by Jamie Thompson. He writes humble, candid and openly honest songs about love and life, whilst a host of acoustic and electronic instruments simmer and bubble behind.

French Cricket is one half of the writing duo in whacked out maximalists C Is For Calculus. He is not French, but is partial to cricket.

Ex-Twinkie soundmaker ventures forth to find out what's underneath the synthetic tree....

Vamonos Hermanos is whoever turns up. You might remember some of them from elsewhere.

Alexander Christopher Hale is the frontman and songwriter in August Actually, one half of East Midlands anti-supergroup Geoffrey and The Livingstones, and the diabolical genius behind House VS Home. He doesn't feel like he's especially competent as a musician (even as a DIY musician), but will keep doing it anyway until someone makes him stop..




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Waiting For Snow UK

'Waiting For Snow' is a festive-themed compilation of home-recordings by a group of artists from the Midlands.

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Track Name: Lonely Robot - Little Snowflake
hey little snowflake did you know that you anchor my every dream
and do you think, like i do, that we make a perfect team
you can be my star and i'll be your spanish king
we've been waiting for snow, and now it covers everything

Its cold outside today
but we’re safe in here playing these games

hey little snowflake do you see the beauty in everything
and with a childlike delight can you show us how to sing
I know it’s hard to resist and harder to disagree
and please ignore these discrepancies in this bad poetry

Its cold outside today
but we’re safe in here playing these games

so you fall into my heart, into my soul, and settle on hope
Track Name: Crabb - Colossal Sheets of Ice
I'm as sombre as a colliery coat.
These tunes are a hundred years old.
I should be as joyful as a row of Christmas lights, but I'm too dumb not to think about you.

On long drives I'll analyse the winters past, 'til occupied with other things I can't resolve, like how robins predict the paths of old trucks on trunk roads on the last shift (heading home) and navigate deftly from branch to branch.

As I try to stay awake, glaciers shake and calve colossal sheets of ice.

Give me a little three-part harmony on a street at dusk, that's busy and lit tastefully, and I will sing along.

Angels are watching out on the roads, children are gathering snow.
So put on your winter coat - it's time to go home.

When we lost our feet on these frozen paths, it was so good just to hold each other up. There in the backlight, where the snow-filled clouds, dirty white, hold back the night.

Out at the edge of Antarctica, parts fall away, then they don't fit back together.
Track Name: Vom Vorton - Digital Christmas
well it's here again, christmas eve eve, december 23
I can't wait to find out what has been left beneath the tree
while some may say that christmas is about family
as a big fan of unwrapping gifts, I beg to disagree
it's the tearing of the paper and the guessing what's inside
it's filling bags with rubbish that makes my yuletide
working out the contents from how tall the gift; how wide
when the floor is strewn with ribbons, I sense a certain pride

but what's this? something's wrong
there's a gap under the christmas tree where all the gifts belong
as they pour the christmas wine
my parents hand me a list of codes I can redeem online

digital christmas
I never asked for this!
digital christmas
this was not on my list.

my aunt arrives, no bulging bags, just cards marked with a symbol
I can scan in with a camera to get free books for my kindle
and by the time my uncle turns up and slumps onto the couch
I'm unsurprised to see him distributing itunes vouchers

all I ever wanted was to guess things from their shape
all I ever wanted was gift tags and sellotape
all I ever wanted was the usual surprise
that was all I ever wanted, but I have been denied...
Track Name: Scribble Victory - It's That Time Of Year Again
When I was a Boy,
I used to count the days,
I struggled to sleep,
So, I stayed awake,
It used to mean a lot to me,
The atmosphere, intensity,
I was consumed by it,
I was carried away with it.

It's that time of year again,
And it's that time of year again.

It was beautifully romantic,
Hypnotically climatic,
With animated lights,
And other festive sights,
When the living room was decorated,
In gold and green I was elated,
It was worth the time I'd waited,
I wanted it to last for ages.

It's that time of year again,
And it's that time of year again.

Merry Christmas everyone.
Track Name: French Cricket - Moguls
Only one
Skeleton key
Moguls ain't done
Only one
To let go, let go

Winter pursuits
I already knew
Where the wedge is supposed to go
But it's all for show
Pointless blow
By the dice load

Invite someone to the world
A line has splintered

And the pictures keep on moving

Under the heavy fall
Our eyes won't know at all
Machinery come call
On nature's stall
Track Name: Vamonos Hermanos - Santa Claus Is Becoming Too Round
Christmas is coming and the geese are getting fat but what about the large man in the red pointed hat? He's been snapped by paparazzi in a frightening state let's deny him mince pies and help with him with his weight. Twelve, thirteen fifteen, the numbers grow each year now he can't get off the ground without a hundred reindeer without our help he will soon be dead a weigh-in in a manger, no chips or white bread

Who will help Santa this year? Who will help him this Christmas?

He's been sober since last boxing day but he falls off the wagon when he dusts off his sleigh he unwraps his whiskey, cracks open a beer his nose is redder than any reindeer he's been making snowballs but they're not for throwing he'll knock 'em all back until his face is a-glowing Chardonnay and Sherry, Jim Beam and Jack he drank all their presents, there's no going back