Vom Vorton - Love Xmas, Hate Vampires

from by Waiting For Snow



Vom Vorton is moonlighting from his day job as the frontman in recently reformed East Midlands indiepop band Lardpony. Recently, he can't stop writing songs about vampires. It's a V thing.


December 21st is the shortest day, which means there’s not much light
This makes it the perfect time of year for the creatures of the night
And though normally we’d be inside, sheltering from the weather
For some reason this festive season keeps us out later than ever

The temperature’s dropping and there’s no stopping
Them from searching for prey during late night shopping
And so while we feast on meats and cheeses
They rise from the dead, a bit like Jesus

I love Christmas
But I hate vampires

So wrap your neck in scarves to avoid getting frostbitten
And grip a stake, or holy cross, firmly with your mittens
If you’re concerned, be prepared and try the thing that works most
Garlic goes incredibly well with a Christmas day roast

If you give your girlfriend the twilight box-set, you’re playing into their hands
Get Blade or Buffy instead and ignore her Christmas list of demands
Vampires shouldn’t be lusted after, they shouldn’t be respected
They should be feared, because they are evil resurrected


from Waiting For Snow, released December 12, 2012

Recorded at home by Vom Vorton



all rights reserved


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'Waiting For Snow' is a festive-themed compilation of home-recordings by a group of artists from the Midlands.

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