Vom Vorton - Digital Christmas

from by Waiting For Snow



Vom Vorton has christmas running through his veins. Christmas, and brandy.



well it's here again, christmas eve eve, december 23
I can't wait to find out what has been left beneath the tree
while some may say that christmas is about family
as a big fan of unwrapping gifts, I beg to disagree
it's the tearing of the paper and the guessing what's inside
it's filling bags with rubbish that makes my yuletide
working out the contents from how tall the gift; how wide
when the floor is strewn with ribbons, I sense a certain pride

but what's this? something's wrong
there's a gap under the christmas tree where all the gifts belong
as they pour the christmas wine
my parents hand me a list of codes I can redeem online

digital christmas
I never asked for this!
digital christmas
this was not on my list.

my aunt arrives, no bulging bags, just cards marked with a symbol
I can scan in with a camera to get free books for my kindle
and by the time my uncle turns up and slumps onto the couch
I'm unsurprised to see him distributing itunes vouchers

all I ever wanted was to guess things from their shape
all I ever wanted was gift tags and sellotape
all I ever wanted was the usual surprise
that was all I ever wanted, but I have been denied...


from Waiting For Snow 2, released December 11, 2013
Written, performed and recorded by Vom Vorton



all rights reserved


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'Waiting For Snow' is a festive-themed compilation of home-recordings by a group of artists from the Midlands.

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